Mae Among the Stars


DR.Mae Jemison 真人真事改编的书。Mea的人生经历只能用开挂来形容,16岁进入斯坦福学习化学工程,然后康纳尔医学博士毕业。在国际自愿者组织担任医官回国后,申请完成了NASA的训练,最后成为第一个进入太空的非裔女宇航员。Stella非常喜欢这本书,读完后她也想当宇航员

Mae Among the Stars
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Inspired by the life of the first African American woman to travel in space, Mae Jemison. When Little Mae was a child, she dreamed of dancing in space. She imagined herself surrounded by billions of stars, floating, gliding, and discovering. She wanted to be an astronaut. Her mom told her, "If you believe it, and work hard for it, anything is possible.” Little Mae’s curiosity, intelligence, and determination, matched with her parents' encouraging words, paved…